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Games Like Mass Effect 3The Mass Effect game series is a unique game that dances around a number of different gaming genres. With this in mind, it can be difficult to find games like Mass Effect for gamers looking for a new – but similar – challenge.

Mass Effect 3 has been awarded with several titles in their line of accomplishments. With in depth characters and a unique multi-platform story line, this game provides over nearly 1,000 hours of re-playable content without ever repeating the exact same storyline.

Along with this comes a mode for different types of players with a selection of “Shooter, Shooter/RPG, and RPG” allowing a player to either enjoy full on shooter style game play or take advantage of an intricate web of communication that is RPG. There are even fewer games that can compare but they do exist and most of them hold the same popularity level as Mass Effect 3.

The following five games that we have highlighted as being similar in design and game play to the  Mass Effect series.


Fable 3

games similar to mass effect 3Fable 3 has now been out for quite some time, but it is still a worthy game similar to Mass Effect. While there is little to no shooting in Fable, the game has a lot in common with Mass Effect 3. The similarities lie in the quest line. In both games you can find a lover and you can even particpate in sex depending on how deep the relationship is.

Each quest has its own purpose, usually tying in with the big picture story at some point in time. The basic plot is the same as well, a threat is coming of a massive size and there’s on one possible way of surviving but it seems impossible. The games graphics are stunning and the fighting style forms into the person playing it.

Since the game has been on the market for over two years, the price has come down considerably. You can pick it up or a bargain price for the anniversary edition (special bonus content).

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

skyrimamazonOne of the most powerful AI games made of all time, this first and third person game is almost the same as Mass Effect 3. There’s a huge bonus for those who play PC. You want to play Skyrim’s version of Mass Effect 3, you can create a mod for that.

Skyrim has multiple mods that make it adaptable to any users wants. There’s even nuclear arrows that explode like a nuclear bomb including in the impact wind that follows the blast. On a default the storyline development for the Skyrim game is immense, possibly overshadowing the ME3’s story line capabilities. It allows for anything to happen and you can go to any environment, including outer space as one of the quests actually brings you up past Skyrim to see the entirety of the world.

This game features a multitude of playable races and you choose the role you want to be but not as obvious as Mass Effect’s “Shooting, Shooting/RPG, RPG” selection at the beginning of the game. Overall, you cannot go wrong with choosing to play Skyrim. It is one of the most expansive open world games every created, the kind of game you can get lost exploring for hours.

If you are interested in picking up Skyrim, head on over to to this listing where you can find it for less than $25.

Sleeping Dogs

sleepingdogsThis gangster game was a small game that made it big. The storyline is exceedingly diverse and you can choose the outcome of the game not by your choices in the quest line conversations but what you do to achieve your goal. If you become a Triad to the fullest then you can completely switch sides in the end from cop to gangster.

The battle methods are very similar with the differences being is that there is no companion and it relies on martial arts more than guns. You can choose what type of story you want to have as your actions will earn you different reactions from quest line characters. The game is open world with the ability to go into three different districts including the sea.

There is also a morality system which comes into play, much like in the “True Crime” games that serve as the basis for Sleeping Dogs. You can choose to be bad and get the highest reputation to the point where the massage parlor with a happy ending knows you by name or be such a good cop that when walking in public you’ll get compliments from the people you accidentally bump into.

This is a gem of a game, often overlooked by gamers because it was not a heavily marketed release. It managed to garner at least 8/10 scores from almost every major gaming magazine and review site. If you are interested in getting this game, the lowest prices are at Amazon where you can find it for the lowest price (also with free shipping).

Star Wars: The Old Republic

starwarstheoldrepublicSWTOR is definitely one of the best games like Mass Effect. Along with a deep story line that’s easy to follow, this game is one of the few that actually go into outer space. Much like ME3 your quest line actions may change the entire storyline. There’s a point in the game were you can actually switch out Sith Lord’s from Darth Barrus to someone else. This key fact opens into new story lines as well as quest modes.

Along with the change of character plots, the choice of character will shape the beginning and which character changes you will be able to make. While the storyline is very much like ME3 the shooting is nothing like a 1st person shooter game. Everything has a cool down but nearly every quest character has a cut scene just like ME3.

You can actually switch sides entirely at some points in the game but you still retain the image of the first side and while the story line may be as diverse as ME3, you aren’t trying to save the universe from a battle but trying to start one. This game was built as a prelude to the actual movies. In many ways Mass Effect was designed with the Star Wars movies in mind. It is no wonder that these two games share similar features.

Keep in mind, the game is only available for the PC.  If you want to get your hands on a copy it is less than $14 at this listing.

 Dragon Age (series)

best games like mass effect There are no first person shooters quite like ME3 simply because it mixes two genres and falls favorably to the RPG world. Dragon Age is very intense with an extremely open way of battle. What you choose to do in a battlefield may actually choose were the next one will be.

Dragon Age can be done in 1st person or 3rd person like ME3 and everyone is effected by your actions. The game itself is intensely complicated and while fighting is one of the most enjoyable aspects, it gives you the mid-battle pause. This type of play is used very little in the gaming world as it’s not seen as fair and it makes it harder to develop a hard game when you can stop and strategize.

Like in ME3 you can choose the companions that come with you. You are also responsible for the gear that they bring. Unlike ME3 everything is still based solely on stats and minimum’s.

Dragon Age II was generally well received by the game community and cemented EA games as a solid player within the RPG video gaming niche. You can find Dragon Age Ultimate here for a good price. The game is conveniently available for all the major gaming platforms, including instant download for both Mac and PC.

If you are interested and enjoy games like Mass Effect, by sure to check out our page tracking information regarding the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisitions which is due out in 2014.

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