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games like borderlands

With Borderlands 2, Gearbox has created a unique blend of frenzied gun-play, character skill customization, and story-line attitude that is difficult to match. Any developer attempting such a thing would likely find itself with a pale imitation deserving of the derision and mockery gamers would, no doubt, drop on it with all the intensity of a contradicted Ron Paul supporter.

The following are a list of games like Borderlands 2 that fans of the series will also enjoy.

Fallout: New Vegas

games similar to borderlandsNot all is lost, as there are games available that, while not exact in flavor, are similar enough to satiate one’s lust for wanton carnage and ammo hoarding. Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas is one such candidate. Set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, this entry into the Fallout franchise follows the revenge story of “The Courier” as he recovers from near death and pieces together the who and why of his ambush. Attributes are set at character creation through an entertaining introduction, easing immersion with storyline, dialogue, and setting.

The character advances in levels, but may also customize gear and ammunition through a crafting system. Targeting is augmented by a feature allowing, through bullet-time, players to place shots in specific areas of an enemy’s body. Fallout: New Vegas is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, and through Steam.

If you are looking for one of the games most similar to Borderlands 2, you cannot go wrong with Fallout: New Vegas. You can pick it up at Amazon for about $25, for all the major gaming systems.


rageStaying in the popular wasteland theme, we have Bethesda’s entry: Rage. This is another one of the games like Borderlands 2 from Bethesda. While lacking a leveling system, the player has access to various ammunition types to tailor play-style. With hints of horror elements tossed about, Rage’s protagonist sets about surviving a frightening new world of predators and creatures far removed from the world he left behind while in his induced slumber.

What sets Rage apart is its racing element. With not-so-subtle nods to the Twisted Metal series and Mad Max, a player’s vehicle may, depending on individual choice, become as important an element as the weapons and ammunition. Multi-player races, Road Rage, and co-operative missions, Legends of the Wasteland, are also available.

Platforms for Rage are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, and Mac OS X. To pick up your copy, you can find good deals at Amazon.com for less than $15.

E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

EYEThe indie market has its own possibility in Streum on Studio’s dystopic E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy. Character customization begins at creation with the choice of DNA, with more options available through upgrades, research, and the hacking of both machines and enemies.

Players learn the game and its history through interacting with the world and its inhabitants, which can either be entertaining or frustrating. Vastly different playstyles are possible through player choice, providing analogues to the classic warrior, mage, rogue choices while allowing for experimentation.

Set in a cyberpunk universe of interplanetary intrigue, the psionically talented protagonist may follow whatever path the player chooses through an ideologically chaotic world. As an E.Y.E. agent, the player must contend with fractures within the organization itself. Lurking in the shadows is a psionic force nurturing conflict on all sides as it seeks to destroy all. E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy supports multi-player through PvP, team, and co-operative play.

This game is definitely harder to find. The only place you can really pick it up is through Steam for Windows.


bioshockinfiniteThis may not at first to be a game like Borderlands. With its latest sequel announced for release on March 26, 2013, something would be wrong if the Bioshock series was left out. Swinging the pendulum the other way from Borderlands 2 and its caustic, hilarious irreverence, the Bioshock series has established a reputation of somber, heart-breaking storylines encompassing an Objectivistic nightmare, religion gone mad, and, with Bioshock: Infinite, jingoism unchecked. Experience points and levels are not to be found, but players customize and grow ever more powerful through genetic manipulation and weapon enhancements.

Setting cannot be ignored. With Bioshocks 1 and 2, developers Irrational Games and 2K Marin, respectively, make a character out of the submerged city of Rapture itself. While playing through some of the best writing in the FPS genre, Rapture asserts its oppression with the authority of an immortal tyrant. Even puddles and pools of water are a reminder that the city may collapse any moment, with nothing the player can do to stop it. Smooth gameplay makes for an even better experience. Online play and level progression is available in Bioshock 2 through matchmaking scenarios.

Platforms for playing Bioshock are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, and Mac OS X. The new Bioshock Infinite is released on Amazon, where you can get in with FREE shipping.

The time of Doom and Wolfenstein, while nostalgic and good for the occasional visit, are gone. The first-person shooter has grown up; matured enough to employ characterization and wit into storylines worthy of literature and study. Even with characters like Scooter.

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