The Five Best Games Like Warcraft 3

games like world of warcraftWorld of Warcraft has been around for 15 years as head of the online MMORPG. As years have gone by their graphics have gone from basic PlayStation style to the massive 3D experience that naturally integrates with the game. With expansion packs that change the face of the world you play in itself permanently you have a game that’s hard to find others to play on the side.

However, there are many games out there that exploit aspects that WoW simply overlooks. WoW has been called a farming game time and again because of how their combat system is developed. Along with quests that require reading tiny text after tiny text, it can become mind numbing to play this for hours on end. When players have played for years, they retire and go on to something similar, so there are definitely games like Warcraft 3 out there to consider!

Age of Conan

ageofconanAge of Conan is an excellent game like Warcraft. Nearly every week this online MMO comes out with a new dungeon which is about the same rate as WoW nowadays. When entering the world the cap level is the same as WoW and the classes are almost identical but called different names.

The world itself is splendid, with the level of weapons ranging from gray to purple in rarity value. There is an auction house as well as multi-player dungeons. Every year the they improve the graphics of the game to keep up with the latest technology and even use 3D technology in some parts of the game.

The only things separating it from being a WoW twin is the setting at the means of attacking. Unlike WoW, you have short cool downs of “positionary” spells like on a game controller where WoW is point click and assign a number. This makes the game more intense in developing a character because it’s not relying on pure numbers but the players own reaction time. You can pick up up for less than $10 on Amazon.

Lord of the Rings

lordoftheringsThe LoR game has been around for a long time but still not as long as WoW. This game has the same rudimentary functions as WoW and all skills are based on stats. They use the same type of combat system and everything is timed, not relying on a person’s reaction time.

While using the basic functions of the combat system it also handles quest lines the same way. You must first gather all the quests in one area, complete them all, and then take the final quest to a new higher level zone. However it focuses on intense storyline battle more than creature farming as most of the quest lines have at least one cut scene. Another difference (excluding the starting zone for Balverines) is that some areas change entirely with a specific quest and never go back to being the area you knew. This keeps changing and to date their level cap changes every couple of months when new content releases in the for of patches and not entire expansions.

If you are looking for some good games like Warcraft 3, you can’t go wrong with LoR: War of the North. It is only about $5.00 on Amazon.

Star Wars The Old Republic

starwarstheoldrepublicWhile the most obviously comparable game to WoW they have a lot in common but only if you’ve ever played hunter class on WoW. When you begin you are by yourself but before your even level 10 you have your first companion. Unlike WoW though, the companion is almost never the tank or taking damage if your character is used right.

There is a huge void of difference on the way storyline is handled in this game. In default mode (excluding bounty and spaceship missions) there is no reading. All quests are done through story mode and falls along the path of multiple story lines. Also unlike WoW, in specific quests there’s even off screen fornication in quest lines. If a person gets the like skill of their companion high enough and they are the opposite gender, you can even mate with them and create a lineage.

The stats for the weapons grow by level like WoW and there are three sets of armor like WoW. It is definitely worth checking out. You can get yourself a copy over at Amazon for less than $10.

Guild Wars

guildwars2The first Guild Wars is the war zone of WoW fans calling it the “nock off” WoW. However, the second one only uses the basic stat system and quest organization as WoW. While WoW has developed out-of-instance dungeons there’s still a loading screen and this is were the big difference is.

With the new Guild Wars 2, the distance between these two games has expanded immensely. For one, Guild Wars 2 has almost entirely removed loading time from the gaming for different areas but it’s still there. Unlike WoW there can be random battlefields throughout the world that happen in the blink of an eye. The whole world could seem sunny and happy when you log out but when you log back in, you could arrive at a destroyed desolate town.

The combat system is like WoW warlock’s affliction system. Nearly all attacks are DoT or damage over time and they all have cool downs with a specific mana cost. Regenerating magic is the only way you can continue to cast magic. Guild Wars 2 has been very well received so far. You can download it instantly here.


Vindictus starts out like WoW and cuts off nearly all outside of dungeon activities. The whole game is primarily based on dungeons and instances with very little storyline until very late in the game. The reason why this game shines like a star though is because it’s much like the “Hulk Smash!” version of WoW.

In WoW, the maximum you can handle at the same level as you is only 3 to 4 maximum and you have to be a tank. With Vindictus they don’t expect you to have to party with team members to take on these instances. You can fight nearly a whole dungeon’s worth of monsters at the same time.

Also, their spells are more intricate than the simple click and small flares from WoW. They seem much like a hand held console’s spells than an MMO as they are extremely graphically pleasing. Also, some of them require actual incantations and prep items to be used. Armor plays a huge role in this game because it is visibly seen to be on the verge of breaking and the weaker your armor gets the weaker the stats for it become.

You can play Vindictus for free online at the main site.

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