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games like my candy loveMy Candy Love is a game based on your typical female flirt and date scene in a computer game, where you’ll have all of the fun of playing a girl and creating your own love scenes and highly expected romance points and as well as cutting out the guys you don’t want to talk to or don’t interest you. Being an expert on video games, this game centers mostly around post middle school to high school age girls who get a jolt out of playing games like these because of the experience of actually living the real thing in real life not to mention that games of this caliber is pretty addictive to this caliber of girls.

The game My Candy Love centers around girls of high school age, it does in the regard that most girls who are going to high school which is new territory for them, are always on the lookout for the cutest guy and creating anything from a friendship to a long term romance and to tell the story of how that magical moment involving their life changed hers forever. Now, incidentally, there are several games that I have witnessed over time that have the same features as the My Candy Love game does.

Flower Shop

First on the list is the game called the Flower Shop, what makes this game similar to My Candy Love is that it centers around dating. However, instead of high school, this dating ring will take place in a flower shop which the main character Natalie goes to investigate getting a job at after finishing her first semester at college. While working at this flower shop, you’ll be controlling Natalie doing everything from planning her work week to talking and starting a romance as well as a relationship with one of the 4 guys working around her in the shop.

Top Girl

The next game similar to My Candy Love is called Top Girl, in this game you get to take up different model jobs as well as managing and minding the trendies in the fashion market. You’ll also be able to talk to, flirt and date over 250 different guys of your choosing, this game even takes it one step further by letting you and the special someone in your life hit up every club in existence and you can even hallmark the time you and your special someone spend together by taking pictures as well as buying gifts for them.

Finally, you’ll have your pick of a wide range of purses, shoes, accessories etc, all top of the line merchandise for going out about town with that special person in your life.

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Always Remember Me

Yet another game similar to this one is the game called Always Remember Me. The common denominator when it comes down to this game and high school is that the girl in question always feels like the guy she’s got eyes for doesn’t have eyes for her and doesn’t even know she exists. In Always Remember Me, you’re playing the part of a girl who was in a very terrible car accident and incidentally, the guy you were dating in the game doesn’t even remember you. Now, you get to choose whether to jog the guy’s memory as his friend or move on with character in the game. Productively, there are over 7 different endings based on the decision(s) you make regarding your choice in the matter. All the while you’ll be getting emails from different admirers, guys who want, no, are dying for your attention so definitely a game changer there.

Star Project

Star Project is another game with the similarities of My Candy Love and what makes this game so similar is that you take on the role of a girl whose parents died in a horrible car accident, the client is a guy whose an upcoming country singer that the girl will eventually fall in love with through working with him on his rise to stardom.

The young woman will also be helping him further develop his behaviors to be the kind of guy that you want him to be, not to mention organizing everything from his various jobs to the clothing he’ll wear for each of his upcoming tours. The romantic sparks will fly enabling the 2 platonic workers to become more than just workers, they’ll become lovers; this is one game where you can have romance, love and work with your special someone.

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