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games like hitmanHitman is a very unique game that requires a lot of intense focus. It’s predecessors have reigned “Most Difficult” game awards before and this one is no exception. Disguise your self as the enemy, kill in secrete, plant traps no one would expect, and even destroy entire armies without ever showing your face.

But when everything is said and done it does come to an end. It takes years to make a great game like this and it’s hard to find similar games out there but they are there. The following is a list of the best games like Hitman that feature stealth and disguise as a key aspect of gameplay.


tenchuHitman is an old genre and very few can compare to its level of difficulty when it comes to stealth. Tenchu actually started out before Hitman but wasn’t much of a hit lately. The same principles of stealth imply but in this your a ninja, there are no guns. This can either mean it’s easy or harder depending on your stealth skill.

In tenchu you can disguise yourself as the enemy and walk among them until you bump into someone or kill them. You can leave poisonous food on the ground for someone to pick up and eat. There’s a lot going into killing and deception.

However, almost everything comes to a halt in similarities as there are very few cut scenes, which mainly act like Kung Fu movie scripts. Also, it’s entirely based off of rumored history snagging real bits of history to make it seem more real. There are also innocents that you have to be careful your not spotted by them and that you don’t kill them.

Tenchu definitely isn’t a recent game, but it is a relatively long running series. You can check it out on Amazon if you are interested in a  well made classic ninja stealth game.


skyrimamazonThe Bethesda team has always kept true to making a stealthy killer something to be feared. While Skyrim is so much more than just a stealth assassin game, it does incorporate an intricate stealth path into the game. There is a skill tree specifically built for those who kill while in stealth mode. Like Hitman, it’s brutal and quick when it comes to killing. Many snapshots can be taken of arrows that came through the back of the head and went out the eye socket.

You can sneak into a building and kill your target by many different methods without ever being detected in the whole of the building. Dedicated to assassins, while the whole game may not be very similar, the Dark Brotherhood quest line is impeccably close to what Hitman to go through to achieve his goal. Some targets require poison, some require accidents, some require in and our killing, but some require a decimation of every one in the building. You can sneak into tiny crevices in between walls to eavesdrop on a target or climb in through the roof to avoid detection. While in Hitman you don’t exactly have a choice, it’s been proven beneficial to kill someone when the rain starts or night has fallen.

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up a copy at Amazon and qualify for free shipping.

Metal Gear Solid

metalgearsolidEasily one of the most intense stealth games in the market, Metal Gear Solid is the closest match to Hitman storyline. The whole point is to eliminate the enemy at all costs while continuing to uncover the endless stream of conspiracies.

While there is a more liberal way of shooting for this game that can take it from stealth to a simple first person shooter style, the combat system is still there. The stealth also depends on the environment as the enemy can hear you when step on the snow. Along with an intense amount of stealth comes a very odd type of boss battle. These act more like an rpg battle than anything else as its fighting mechanics are entirely different than how the rest of the game is played.

It doesn’t quite come close to having the exact aspects of Hitman but it does hit quite close to home with the choke hold kill. In this mode you actually have to fight the enemy down while choking him as he will always struggle.

There is a great combo pack available with all of the best Metal Gear Solid games over at Amazon with free shipping.

Splinter Cell

splintercelltrilogySplinter Cell is uniquely like Hitman is that there is almost no tolerance for having your stealth blown. You carry very light equipment that is only made for quick and silent kills. If the enemy knows your there it becomes extremely difficult to get out alive.

The storyline really doesn’t play a role to much in the game though because it merely seems like your going one kill after the other. Some players have reported even sweating because the stealth in this game is so intense. The missions are very similar to Hitman in that they are going after one target that is being blocked off by the best in defense systems.

The basic starting tools are almost identical to Hitman’s as you begin with a pistol and some rope wire for basic stealth killings. You of course have jammers and other devices that come along to help take out defenses.

Similar to Metal Gear Solid, you can pick up a great trilogy pack at Amazon, containing the best of the recent Splinter Cell games.

Batman; Arkum Asylum

batmanarkumcityHitman and Batman, white and black video game style. Both are based off of hiding in plain site and taking advantage of the environment around you.

The difference between the two is that Batman likes to show off his martial arts most of the time but that doesn’t mean you have to. You have moves that you can learn that grab people from the crowd and toss them away. You can even sneak up into a crowd and kill them off one by one without them noticing it. It’s so difficult to do this there’s even an achievement called Invisible Predator.

As for the story line it follows as cinematic and there are no multiple disguises you can wear to fool the enemy you are one of them. Going through this game without trying to earn any achievements just feels like button mashing to the max however the challenge is still there.

If you are into the Batman series, be sure to check out Arkum Asylum. You can find it at Amazon for less than $20.

Assassins Creed III

assaasinscreedAssassins Creed is probably the quintessential stealth assassin game. It is one of the games like Hitman that is similar while being set in a completely different era and setting.

For Assassins Creed III, the setting is North America around the time of the American Revolution. Stealth is one of your most important assets. There are a wide variety of special stealth kill moves using knives, hatchets, and a variety of other assorted weaponry. While it is possible to hack and slash, it is not nearly as fun or as satisfying as executing a flawless stealth attack from above.

Much of the game is play by leaping from rooftops, swinging from branches, and generally traveling via everything but the roads. One of the most satisfying experiences for would be assassins is the multiplayer mode where you compete in a busy location where your enemies blend in with civilians, waiting for their chance to attack. This is a game of nerves. You get points for kills, but act too brazenly and other players will spot and track you.

AC3 is a great game like Hitman both in terms of the stealth gameplay options and the overall addictive formula. You can pick up AC3 for either PS3, Xbox 360, PC, or Nintendo WiiU over at Amazon for less than $40 with free shipping.

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